Performing Arts Technology

Synthestration: Creating Realistic Orchestral Mockups

Cues composed and synthestrated by Mark Cofer
(orchestration and synthestration student)

Here are some of the uses of high-quality orchestral mockups from Performing Arts Technology:

  • Visual Media - Most television and animation pieces use mockups, as do many motion pictures.
  • Composer Demos - see our Composers page.
  • Vocal Performances - see our Performance Tracks page.
  • Corporate Presentations - create high quality music timed exactly to your presentation, completely free from copyright restrictions.
  • Here are some examples:

    Mark CoferWelcome to the FinalsTV
    Composed and synthestrated for King of the Nerds by Mark Cofer (orchestration and synthestration student).
    Carla LuceroThree Women of JerusalemOpera
    Performing Arts Technology is the score production manager for the LA Opera's upcoming (March 2022) new opera. This mockup is for rehearsal and review purposes.
    John WilliamsHedwig`s ThemeFilm soundtrack
    from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer\'s Stone - re-arranged by Performing Arts Technology
    Gustav HolstNeptuneClassical
    from The Planets
    John WIlliamsA Bridge To The PastFilm soundtrack
    from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    Basie / Nestico88 Basie StreetBig Band
    with Brad Hughes "live" on Tenor Sax
    Ernest GoldTheme from ExodusFilm Soundtrack
    SarasateCarmen FantasyClassical