Performing Arts Technology

Orchestration and Arranging

We will orchestrate and arrange music to suit your needs. Usually this means providing a high-quality orchestral mockup of the piece. Often it also means providing a professional level score.

Some of the reasons for these arrangements are:

  • Fleshing out a Piano - Vocal score to become a full orchestra score.
  • Re-purposing an existing piece to have a new mood, color, or tempo.
  • Enhancing a sketch to make it ready for full production.
  • Here are some examples:

    Ramin DjawadiGame of ThronesTV Theme
    Goal: This piece was commissioned by an orchestra who wanted to play the iconic Game of Thrones theme. The original is scored only for Strings and Percussion. This version is scored for full orchestra.
    Christy MooreThe VoyageFolk Song
    Goal: This piece was commissioned for an Irish wedding. The folk song that this is based upon is the favorite song of the bride and groom. The piece needed to feature Irish instruments, and then grow to a wedding march for a large cathedral.
    John WilliamsHedwigs ThemeFilm Score
    Goal: Create a short and quirky orchestration of John WIlliams' theme from Harry Potter. The piece needed some animal-like and forest-like sounds, and needed to be for full orchestra.